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How we got started

The Federation of Surrey Philatelic Societies represents 16 affiliated societies.  Its objectives are to encourage and promote philately in Surrey, to assist philatelic societies in any way possible and to help improve the standard of Philately at all levels in its member societies.  It represents these societies at national level through ABPS, organises competitions and provides information and lists of judges and speakers to the societies.


In 1958, a group of philatelists in Surrey got together and decided to reform the Federation that had lapsed some years earlier.  The new Federation was formally set up in 1959 and the first Annual Convention was hosted by Sutton and Cheam.  At that event the Federation held its first Inter Society competition, the Mason Cup, won by the host society.  The annual competition for individuals was first held in 1972.


The first President of the Federation was Lt Col H S Mason, a member of the Croydon society.  The Mason Cup is a tribute for his work in getting the Federation started on a sound basis.


The Federation is administered by an elected Council, which meets at least twice a year.  The Council is governed by the FSPS rules and has 4 main office bearers:  the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Other members are elected to Council for specific roles, editor, auditor etc.


A Delegates meeting is usually held at the Spring convention and this is a relatively informal occasion for the discussion of topics of interest or concern to the Federation and/or its members.  The AGM is held at the Autumn convention.  The Yearbook, of which this is the twentysecond edition, is issued to all affiliated societies and the Federations of the Home Counties.


An award for distinguished service to philately, taking the form of an inscribed certificate, may be awarded at the Council’s discretion, to one or more persons, on nomination of the societies.  This award is for service to a society, the hobby or the Federation.

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