FSPS Rules


         The organisation shall be known as the Federation of Surrey Philatelic Societies.  Its object shall be to encourage philately in Surrey and assist philatelic societies in Surrey in any way and every way that the Council of the Federation may consider proper and desirable. 


         Affiliation to the Federation shall be open to any duly constituted philatelic society in the County of Surrey, not being a trade Society or Association.  Also eligible for affiliation are those societies formerly located within the Surrey boundaries, but now no longer so, and at the discretion of Council, societies in areas adjacent to the current Surrey boundaries.

3.      OFFICERS

         The Officers of the Federation shall be as follows:-

  1. President, (b) Vice President, (c) Hon. Secretary, (d) Hon. Treasurer.

4.      COUNCIL

         The management of the Federation shall be vested in the Council which shall consist of:

  1. the officers as in Rule 3;

  2. four members, of which one shall be from the immediate past Host Society, one from the immediate future/present Host Society (“Host” means the Society hosting the Annual Convention), and one from another Society

All to be elected at the AGM;

  1. such other person or persons co-opted onto the Council by the Council, such appointments to be subject to confirmation at the next and each subsequent AGM.


         The Council shall meet as and when considered desirable.  Four Council members present at any one meeting shall be deemed to form a quorum.  The Council shall have the powers to appoint one or more Sub-Committees to deal with particular matters.  The Chairman of each Sub-Committee shall be a member of Council, but other members may be appointed by Council.


         Each Society being an affiliated member of the Federation shall pay an annual subscription based on the number of full members in the Society as at 1st July each year, at which date subscriptions are due and payable.  The subscription rates shall be set from time to time at the AGM (or EGM).  Council may at its discretion, waive or reduce the subscription from a youth or school society, or in other special circumstances.


         (a)   The AGM shall be held on the same day and at the same place as the Annual Convention;

         (b)  Each member Society may send two delegates to the AGM, such delegates deemed to have full powers to vote upon any matter.


         Any Society wishing to resign from membership of the Federation must notify the Hon. Secretary, in writing, before 30th June of each year.  Failure to do so will render the Society liable for the annual subscription falling due on the following 1st July.


         Each Member Society shall send to the Hon. Secretary not later than 30th June each year the names of the Society’s President (or Chairman), Hon Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, and such other information as may be required from time to time.



         An Hon. Auditor shall be appointed annually at the AGM.


         An Autumn Convention shall be held each year, normally in the period September to December, and one Society shall act as Host and be responsible for all the arrangements and financial liability in respect of the Convention.  A Spring Competition may also be held each year in the period February to May, and one Society shall act as Host and be responsible for all the arrangements and financial liability in respect of the event.  The Council may, at its discretion, combine the Annual Convention and the Spring Competition into a single event.


  1. The Federation shall organise annually an Annual Competition and an Open Competition for individual competition and an inter-society team competition.

  2. The trophies specified in the Rules for each competition and - for the Annual Competition - Medals and/or Certificates may be awarded at the discretion of Council.

  3. On occasions when these competitions are organised at a combined event, no entry shall be awarded both an Annual Competition trophy and a Mason Cup trophy. Annual Competition trophies shall have precedence over Mason Cup trophies.

  4. The Federation may submit entries for any county, regional, national or other philatelic competition as Council sees fit.

  5. The Federation may institute or organise any other competitions that Council considers to be for the benefit or promotion of philately in Surrey



         In the event of the Federation being wound up, all its property whatsoever shall, after all the debts and liabilities have been discharged, be given to some charitable fund or purpose determined by the Council at the time of winding up, which fund or purpose shall be a fund or purpose connected with the encouragement and advancement of philately if possible.



         These rules shall be altered only by resolution of an AGM or EGM of the Federation.  Notice of any proposed alteration shall be given to the Hon. Secretary so that particulars of the resolution may be circulated to member Societies not less than 21 days before the meeting at which the resolution will be proposed and considered.


         An EGM may be convened by the Council if not less than six member societies inform the Hon. Secretary, in writing, that they wish such a meeting to be held.  The notification shall be signed by the President and Hon. Secretary of each society concerned.  Resolutions to be considered at the EGM shall be sent to the Hon. Secretary in sufficient time to enable all member societies to be given at least 21 days’ notice of the agenda and of the date, time and place of the Meeting.



         Nominations should come from member Societies accompanied by a memorial in support of each nomination.  Memorials should give details of the services that deserve recognition.  No limit is placed on the number of awards.  The Council has the right not to make an award in any one year.  The Council may make an award on its own initiative.  The closing date for the receipt by the Secretary of nominations each year is 30 June.



         Any matters not covered by the foregoing shall be decided by the Council.

© 2015 Chris Forwood

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