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Philately is a generic term having many facets and that is reflected in the range of subjects our local speakers give presentations on.​

Here is a list of those in the Surrey area will are able and willing to come along a give a talk to your local society and their area of expertise.

​If you should wish to book any of them please email Chris Forwood at forwoodc@aol.com saying who you would like to book with some dates and he will pass your details on. Also if you wish to give some displays and be included on this list, again email Chris and your name and subjects will be added.

​Some speakers are naturally good but most of us need to keep in mind some dos and don'ts - especially the one which says if you are looking at your stamps the audience can't hear you. A few elementary improvements can make a moderate presentation into a very good one. There are some notes for speakers here: http://www.surreyphilately.org.uk/notes-for-speakers

Brian Asquith

Faster Than A Bullet - the Concorde Story - full display

Triest/Trieste - Full display

On Dragons’ Wings – Chinese Air Mails  Full Display

 From Napoleonic to Supersonic - Full Display  

 From Dragon’s Wings to Supersonic - Full Display

John Baron

History Of Banking - Full or half display

Lottery - Full or half display

Chris Board

South Africa - Full display

Andy Donaldson

GB Protective Overprints & Underprints Full Display

Paul Elliot

French Colonies - half display

WWI Memorabilia of a French Ancestor - half display

Chris Forwood

Symbols and stamps and Stamp errors (humorous) - half display

GB George V - half display

Barry Feltham

The Apollo Story - landing a man on the Moon - 

full power-point display.

Jean-Pierre Frossard

Perth Postal History - full display

Weird and Wonderful Stamps - full display


Michael Lockton

GB Postal History - full display

GB Postal Stationary - full display

David Hunter

Sugar - full

Ron Jones

Railway Philately - Full

John Lea

Disaster Mail - Full display

I cover the world (3 displays) - full display

Nile Valley - full display

The Mediterranean - full display 

Derek Mauri

USA Stamps and Postal History - full display

Magic Carpets of Steel (RPOs) - full display

German Inflationary Period - full display 

Roger Morrell

1919 - full display

Bulgaria to 1945 - full display

Hungary to 1946 - full display

Austo-Hungarian WWI Army and Navy - full display

Some aspects of Postal Stationery - full display

The WWI Salonica Campaign - full display

Robert Mott

Germany - Inflation Period  - full display

Chris Oliver

Union Of South Africa - full display

History Of America Seen Through its Philately - full display

Robert Prentice

Newfoundland - full display

Maritime States Of Canada - full display

Barbara Priddy

West Africa Airmails - full display

Geoff Richardson

Austria - full display

David Rolls

Early Peru - half display

Frank Simpson

The Kingdom of Hannover - full display

The City Of Goslar  1564- 1800 - full display

Brian Sole

Go By Cycle - full display

British Greetings Telegrams - full display

How to Collect and Display Thematics - full display

Susan Taylor

History of Trinidad and Tobago (full display) through stamps

Derek Weston

Social Philately (Cinderellas) - full or half display

Colman's Of Norwich and London - full or half display

Derek White

Canada Revenues - full display

Rhodesia Revenues - full display

Peter White

Imperial Civil Censorship in WWII - full display

Monaco - full display